Fine and ornamental stones  bracelets

Fine and ornamental stones bracelets

Fine and ornamental stones bracelets

Fine and ornamental stones

Fine and ornamental stones are different from the so-called "precious" stones. Indeed, precious refers to a group four elements: diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire. But what are fine and ornamental stones?

Fine Stones

Fine stones were once called "semi-precious stones" but this designation is no longer in vogue. These pretty stones have the particularity of being transparent, the light passes through them and this is what makes them particularly prized stones in jewelry. Among the most coveted gems are aquamarine, quartz, citrine, garnet, topaz or tourmaline.

Ornamental stones

Ornamental stones are also called hard stones. Why? Because unlike fine stones, hard stones are opaque. These stones often have deep shades that are highly valued in jewelry making and can be used to fashion splendid creations. Among the ornamental stones that can adorn bracelets are lapis lazuli, onyx, turquoise, tiger's eye, malachite, carnelian...

Organic stones

Finally, there is a last category of stones that we call "organic". Why? Simply because these stones come from living organisms like trees or shells. We find for example the mother-of-pearl, the coral or the amber.

Precious and colorful bracelets

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