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Le Gramme rings

Le Gramme rings

Le Gramme rings

Le Gramme rings, contemporary jewelry for men and women

The modern lines and clean design of Le Gramme rings are inspired by industrial design with a streamlined approach. Drawing their strength from their minimal form, these rings are made in France, like all Le Gramme jewelry. Through his jewelry, Erwan Le Louër, founder of Le Gramme, conveys his passion for aesthetics and the centrality of the "object" in his life. Le Gramme rings, in addition to being born from the idea of an original and unique concept, where each creation is named by its weight in grams, are all imprinted with a very particular soul. Designed to be worn by men and women with an urban style, these creations are available in white, yellow and red 18k gold (750 gold), and are characterised by a particular imprint and finish. The smooth impression is found on the jewels belonging to the permanent collections, and the engraved and guilloche impressions on the pieces of the temporary collections. As for the finishes, matte, polished or smooth, they enrich each object with a new relationship to light and offer a more or less brilliant finish. The rings, and in general each piece of jewelry of the brand, are made of untreated metals (18k gold (750/1000 gold) and 925 silver), so that they get a patina with time. Each piece of jewelry lives with its owner, evolving over time, just as the owner does!