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Fine stones jewerly

Fine stones jewerly


Disc ring in rose gold and onyx

Brand Collection
Disc Rings - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Fine stones jewerly

Fine and ornamental stones: colourful treasures of nature

Did you know? By abuse of language, the term "precious stone" is sometimes used for certain natural gems that do not actually belong to this very specific category. In fact, there are only four precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. All other natural stones are called "gemstones" or "ornamental stones" (the latter are also known as "hard stones"). Fine stones (formerly called "semi-precious", but this designation is no longer permitted) have the characteristic of being transparent, unlike ornamental stones which are opaque. Thus, in the family of fine stones, we find gems such as aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet, topaz, amethyst or citrine, and in the family of ornamental stones, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, malachite, turquoise, pyrite, carnelian or onyx. The last distinction that can be made concerns the so-called organic stones such as mother-of-pearl, amber and coral, all of which come from living organisms such as shells and trees. Each of the fine, ornamental and organic stones used in the making of Lepage jewellery are scrupulously examined by our gemologists, in order to verify that they precisely meet our criteria of excellence. Let yourself be charmed by the colours of the jewels in this selection, and fall for your favourite piece!