Aurélie Bidermann Bouquet jewelry

Aurélie Bidermann Bouquet

Aurélie Bidermann Bouquet

Discover the emblematic Bouquet collection from Aurélie Bidermann and let yourself be charmed! Flowers are poetic and come in precious jewels, feminine creations that oscillate between a world of fantasy and luxury pieces, a most singular mix. All in yellow gold and adorned with fine stones, these Jewelry treasures shimmer with the slightest movement!

A Creative Bouquet

Beautiful, finely crafted flowers reveal their full appeal through the Bouquet collection. This feminine and poetic line highlights three delicate flowers. The rose, flower of Aphrodite and by extension flower of love is presented on a necklace, a ring or earrings, magnified by the intensity of tsavorite. The pansy, a flower of great singularity, enchants the view and reminds us all that it was once a flower used to create love potions. The pansy jewel, enhanced by the sky-blue topaz, is at the heart of this trio of flowers. Finally, the daisy also has a special place in this collection. A true symbol of love and tenderness, it is shown in its most beautiful light thanks to the depth of rhodolite garnet.

Fine and delicate materials

Aurélie Bidermann selects the materials that adorn her creations with the greatest care. The gold used to shape Bouquet jewelry is 18k gold (750 gold), the finest quality of gold that can be worked in jewelry. The fine and precious stones are chosen for their intensity and their particularity, but also according to the natural alchemy which is created between the setting and the latter.