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Lip, emblem of the watchmaking world, was one of the great manufactures that embodied the influence of French watchmaking. In the 19th century, Besançon, its original birthplace, went down in history as the French capital of the watch industry.

Emmanuel Isaac Lipmann was born in Neuf Brisach in 1844 into a family of Alsatian watchmakers. Passionate, he founded in 1867, at only 23 years old, a watchmaking workshop in Besançon named "Le Comptoir Lipmann". The workshop develops rapidly, thanks to the work power of its founder, his innovative vision of aesthetics and his voluntary character leading the people of Besançon in a prodigious and impressive watchmaking adventure that will mark the history of France. Ernest and Camille, Emmanuel's children, followed by Fred, his grandson, will effectively participate in the expansion of the family business.

"The hours of happiness are marked by LIP".

The Iconics


The reliability and durability of the Himalaya model have made this collection famous. It offers watches with a timeless elegance. The first model was born from a discussion between Fred LIP and his friend, Lionnel TERRAY, a high mountain guide.
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Général De Gaulle

The avant-garde GDG watch was given to heads of state for its rigorous accuracy coupled with its perfect legibility. De Gaulle, Einsenhower, Clinton are among the great men to have worn the watch that has become "The Presidents' Watch".
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The Churchill collection is typical of the Art-Deco movement, with its rectangular case, eccentric seconds hand and railroad track. It is the most famous watch of the brand! Both classic and retro, the Churchill has a timeless elegance.
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Sports Watches

Nautic Ski

Discover the iconic Nautic Ski! This diving watch collection is full of vintage, nostalgia and technicality! The first French diver's watch to be waterproof to 200 meters, it is an icon in the history of French watchmaking.
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The Rallye collection is inspired by motorsport and will appeal to all car racing enthusiasts. These chronographs perfectly reflect the vintage spirit of the automotive world of the 60s and 70s.
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The Mariner collection is made for adventure! Developed on the basis of the GDG, it reinterprets the iconic model to make it a sports watch. A true diver's watch, it has a sporty DNA that will appeal to all divers committed to the conquest of time.
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This line of watches for men and women is minimalist and elegant. Straight out of the 1960s, its pure design expresses the passion of the timepiece and the nostalgia of the vintage.
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The Valentin collection offers men's models with a sober and elegant design. These timeless watches have an excellent price-quality ratio and are ideal for men looking for a casual-chic watch.
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Mach 2000

MACH 2000 is an atypical collection, which has managed to break away from the classic forms of watchmaking. It was conceived by the famous French designer Roger Tallon in 1975, with ergonomics as its founding principle.
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Dedicated to women, this range offers refined and discreet watches that will suit women who want to display a sober and elegant vintage look.
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La collection Henriette propose des montres exclusivement féminines. Ces modèles offrent une petite touche vintage afin de rester le complice fidèle des dames d'aujourd'hui.
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A historic factory!

Lip, an identity !

Today's watchmaking owes so many things to Lip! The automation of the assembly line, the first watch with an electric bracelet, the first and only programmable mechanical satellite timer built for the ESA ! LIP has become an emblematic name for a three-letter identity that will echo its style, its success and its history.

Lip is inspired by the greatest

Pierre and Marie Curie will invent for Lip the first phosphorescent dials based on radium, to be able to read the time in the dark. Sir Winston Churchill received in 1948 a T18 watch from the French government in appreciation of the services rendered by Great Britain to France during the Second World War. Eric Tabarly was accompanied by the famous Nautic-ski watch during his world crossing. Maurice Herzog, a renowned mountaineer and French politician, contributed to the success of the Himalaya collection, which was designed to be extraordinarily resistant to the elements and shocks. Prince François de Baschmakoff, a great colorist, known for his drawings in certain fashion magazines, collaborates in the creation of mechanical watches with digital readout. And many other designers, coming from different horizons and considered as the best, have collaborated with Fred Lip to create quality models: Roger Tallon, Rudolf Meyer, Marc Held, Michel Boyer, Isabelle Hebey, Michel Kinn and Jean Dinh Van.

Lip, 150 years of hours to tell

Doyenne of the French watchmaking companies and only survivor of the Doubs workshops of the XVIIIth century, it is important to underline that the House of Lip has always been a company that respects the values of the French craftsmanship and its traditions. Lip continues to think that a watch is an object that must go through the years thanks to the expertise of real passionate professionals in order to provide a quality service to conceive racy, reliable and precise watches, faithful to the values of Lip.