Aurélie Bidermann Scarabée jewelry

Aurélie Bidermann Scarabée

Aurélie Bidermann Scarabée

Colored and carved in stone, Aurélie Bidermann's scarabs are multiplied in the hollow of the neck to create original and elegant associations and to illuminate the face. A true symbol of Ancient Egypt, this grigri becomes a treasure to wear to embellish your daily life...

A Precious Symbol

Sign of good luck, life and prosperity... The scarab has a very busy history. In Ancient Egypt, this symbol was the most revered and well-known of all because it represented the image of the sun being reborn from itself. Since then, this ancestral lucky charm has been able to cross the ages and remains today a linked to the world of Jewelry.

Colored stones

The stones chosen to shape the beetles possess unique virtues. Pink opal, lapis lazuli and turquoise slip into the hollow of the neck or around the face to enchant you.