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Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets

The gold bracelet, a jewel of light

. With unparalleled brilliance, the gold bracelet is a creation that wraps around the bracelet like a line of light. Bangle, bracelet on chain or cord, all gold, set with diamonds, precious stones or accompanied by ornamental stones: there is an infinite variety, for all tastes and all occasions! All the gold bracelets you will find in this selection are made of 18k gold (750 gold), the finest quality gold available, standard in luxury jewellery. Lepage and the most beautiful Maisons invite you to discover their jewels. Messika, Dior, Le Gramme, dinh van, Ginette NY, La Brune et La Blonde... AS an official retailer of the most beautiful names in jewellery Lepage presents you with a wide choice of gold bracelets!

18k gold (750 gold), the quality of excellence

The 750 thousandth gold (formerly called "18k gold") bears this name because it is actually an alloy, composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% of other precious metals, in order to give it strength and colour. In fact, pure gold in its natural state, although an unalterable metal, is too malleable to be used alone in the manufacture of jewellery and ceremonial objects. It must therefore be combined with other metals to be worked, generally, in the case of 18k gold (750 thousandths) (as there are also alloys of less noble quality, giving rise to 585 thousandths or 350 thousandths gold for example), with silver, copper or palladium. Gold is unchangeable and can be reused over and over again, it can be melted down and used again. At Lepage, we use recycled gold to make our jewellery in order to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible. Some of this gold is directly bought back from our customers, so we give a second life to your old jewellery, while preserving the planet's resources.

Hallmarks, to identify your gold jewellery

In order to know the quality of the gold from which your jewellery is made, you can check the hallmarks that have been struck on the piece. The first type of hallmark is the so-called guarantee or title hallmark. The eagle head hallmark guarantees a 750 thousandths gold title, the hallmark representing a scallop shell identifies 585 thousandths gold jewellery, and the trefoil hallmark concerns 375 thousandths gold jewellery. These official authentication hallmarks are accompanied by the master hallmark, which is that of the jeweller who made the piece, attesting to the provenance and quality of the jewel.

The difference between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold

A true benchmark, yellow gold is usually what the mere mention of the material "gold" evokes in us. Highly resistant to corrosion, stainless and unalterable, a piece of yellow gold jewellery naturally reveals its beautiful golden colour when simply polished, without further treatment. It will thus retain its beautiful hue over time, without developing a patina. White gold, before being treated, is called "white gold". Indeed, it is the last stage of preparation of the jewel which will give it its beautiful bright colour! This last step, rhodium plating, consists of depositing a very thin layer of rhodium (an extremely rare and precious metal) on the entire jewel, so as to cover it. This operation must be repeated regularly, every two or three years, so that your jewel never loses its beauty and remains as radiant as on the first day! Rose gold is generally composed of an alloy of pure gold, silver and especially copper, in a more or less important quantity. It is this same quantity of copper that gives it its pinkish colour, pronounced or not. Each Maison therefore offers its own shade of rose gold, which distinguishes its jewellery from other brands! To make Lepage jewellery, we use a very soft rose gold, so that the colour remains easy to wear.

Lepage support to help you find the gold bracelet of your dreams

Looking for a gold bracelet for a specific occasion? Mother's Day gift, for Valentine's Day, Christmas, a birthday, to say "I love you" or to give to yourself and please yourself: Lepage helps you find the jewel you need, and that will meet all your desires! Don't hesitate to come and meet our sales advisors in shop, or contact us by email or phone, we will be delighted to answer all your questions and help you with your purchase. If, despite the wealth of different gold bracelets models offered in this selection, you do not find your happiness, please know that we also offer a personalised jewellery creation service on request. For this, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to help you create the jewel of your dreams!