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Arthus Bertrand jewelry pendants

Arthus Bertrand pendants

Arthus Bertrand pendants

Symbolic pendants, to be worn close to the heart

Religious or not, Arthus Bertrand pendants are 18k gold (750 gold) jewelry, made in France using traditional manufacturing techniques. To be worn daily close to your heart or given as a gift to someone dear to you, Arthus Bertrand pendants can be personalized with an engraving to convey a message rich in meaning to you. To be worn alone, in accumulation or in superimpositions, these pendants feature famous motifs such as the Christian cross, the religious medal or symbols borrowed from the most beautiful cathedrals. Made of white, yellow or 18k pink gold (750/1000), adorned with diamonds, mother-of-pearl or colored enamel, Arthus Bertrand pendants and medals are precious jewels, which will nicely curl up in the hollow of your neck. Worn on a pretty diamond chain, all their brilliance and beauty will be enhanced. For a birth, a christening, a birthday, Mother's Day... A Arthus Bertrand pendant for every occasion !