Gold bangles


Circle band in rose gold

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Circles - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Gold bangles

The gold bangle: timeless

The bangle is undoubtedly one of the most widespread jewels throughout the world and civilizations. Already worn at the time of ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, it is a jewel that has crossed the ages without losing its superbness. In its most classic form, it is presented in the form of a yellow gold ring, and comes to slip quite naturally to the wrist. In the Indian culture, it is generally very colored and brilliant and is carried in accumulation, whereas at the Egyptians and the Greeks it could be carried above the elbow. Today, the bangle is still very fashionable, and presents itself as a jewel of choice when it comes to dressing an outfit, whether for everyday or for a special occasion. Discover without waiting our selection of 18k white, yellow or rose gold (750 thousandths gold) rings, sometimes even mixing several materials and set with precious stones! Bracelets of very beautiful workmanship, that we wear with pride or that we offer without hesitation to be sure to please!