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Boucheron Quatre jewelry

Boucheron Quatre

Boucheron Quatre

The Quatre collection by Boucheron: prestige and modernity

If there were to be only one, this would be it! The Quatre collection by Boucheron is unquestionably the signature line of the famous Jewelry Maison, embodying all the brand's expertise and creativity. Quatre jewels have become iconic, featuring architectural volumes and bold combinations of precious materials. Diamonds, colored ceramics, white, yellow or 18k rose gold (750 thousandths rose gold): Quatre pieces are prestigious creations made of the most beautiful materials and manufactured in France. To be worn alone, as a set or in mismatched associations, Quatre jewels impose a graphic line and a contemporary temperament. Inspired by Parisian architecture and cobblestones, Quatre regularly adds new exclusive models, playing with colors, materials, textures and the size of the motifs. For men or women, the mixed pieces are designed to suit all styles and to adapt to all occasions. It's impossible not to fall in love with them!