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Claverin bracelets

Claverin bracelets

Claverin bracelets

Looking for a delicate bracelet highlighting the beauty of natural pearls? Discover our Claverin bracelets. Sometimes suspended from a fine gold chain, sometimes associated with a coloured link, the pearl, soft and majestic, releases its brilliance to delicately dress the wrist. A must-have! Find your Claverin bracelet on Lepage eshop.

Claverin pearl bracelets: modern creations

Far from clichés, the Claverin bracelet has nothing of the old-fashioned jewel of yesteryear and the image we may have of the pearl bracelet... Claverin bracelets are adorned with delicate pearls highlighted on chain bracelets, cord bracelets or ropes. Each pearl is carefully chosen for its beauty and quality. Let yourself be surprised by Claverin pearl bracelets!

The Claverin collections

Hope, Pure, Baby Claverin, Raw, Lotta Love, Bold Sucess... The Claverin collections offer you a wide choice of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets to discover or rediscover the pearl in a new light.