Repossi Antifer jewellery



In 2023, Maison Repossi celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Antifer collection, a veritable ode to the love of jewellery. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as the Japanese essentialism of Tadao Ando and the abstraction of modern art through the works of CY Twombly and Picasso, the Antifer collection transcends the boundaries of creativity to offer unique and emblematic pieces.

Antifer: bold, minimalist design pieces

Antifer's characteristic design is distinguished by its rounded, repeated lines that harmoniously follow the movement of the body. This creative concept, based on infinite accumulation and asymmetrical repetition, creates a powerful and inimitable rhythm, becoming a true emblem of the House of Repossi.... The Antifer collection reinvents jewellery classics with a modern, architectural approach, enhanced by a minimalist, uncluttered edge. Antifer reinvents the wedding ring, where the modern, balanced design is enhanced by a minimalist tip, but also the ultimate symbol of love, with the jewellery creation of the Heart, Antifer combines strength and refinement in a unique way.

Antifer: mixed pieces

The unisex dimension of the collection creates a striking contrast between masculine and feminine, offering a strong, balanced aesthetic that is accessible to all.

The Repossi creations

Each piece of Repossi jewellery is handcrafted and set, then carefully assembled to deliver exceptional quality. Use of black gold, fascinating setting techniques, inspiring creations... The House of Repossi continues to win over new fans year after year.