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Repossi Berbere Jewellery



Berbere: a minimalist, avant garde collection

In 2011, Repossi fashions a new jewellery collection: Berbère. This line deftly blends a minimalist aesthetic with the cultural heritage of the Berber peoples. Inspired by the traditional tattoos of the Tuareg Berbers, nomads of the North African desert, as well as the principles of modern and contemporary design, the Berbère collection offers multiline gold creations that elongate and sublimate the hand in a unique way...

Berbere: a collection of rich inspirations

Each piece in the Berbère collection is characterised by a repetition of minimalist lines, evoking the aesthetics of Berber tattoos and the minimalist approach of designer Donald Judd. This fusion of ethnic jewellery and contemporary art results in jewels of timeless elegance and striking modernity. The collection reinvents jewellery classics with bold, contemporary interpretations. The rings are reinterpreted with wide, slender bands, while the double-ring concept covering the second phalanx adds a touch of modernity and originality to the wear. The jewellery in the Berbère collection is designed to be unisex, creating a subtle contrast between masculine and feminine... Let yourself be charmed by these exceptional jewels to be found on lepage.fr!