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Menottes dinh van jewelry

Menottes dinh van

Menottes dinh van

The Menottes dinh van collection: iconic

Timeless, inescapable, unique, modern, original... there is no shortage of adjectives to describe the dinh van Menottes collection, undoubtedly the most iconic of the famous Maison! The elegance of dinh van is sealed in a precious jewel, through a pair of handcuffs that come in many forms: in 18k gold (750 gold), platinum, silver 925 thousandths, classic or diamond version, on a cord or on a chain... There is no shortage of variations for these creations, which are reinvented over the seasons and fashion, through new models always more daring to enrich the collection. Originally conceived to sublimate women and allow them to emancipate themselves from the diktats of society, by wearing luxury pieces on a daily basis, to please themselves and not those who look at them, dinh van jewelry is now also worn by many men. Thanks to the many variations, especially in the dimensions of the patterns and in the materials used, each and everyone can find their happiness among the Menottes jewelry.

Everyday jewelry and jewelry pieces

The strength of the Menottes collection? To offer jewels that are as suitable to be worn every day, like the Menottes dinh van cord bracelet, as much more richly crafted pieces that are perfect to show you off on special occasions, such as the Menottes R12 white gold band, entirely paved with sparkling diamonds.

The history of the Maison dinh van

Founded in 1965 by Jean Dinh Van, the Maison dinh van has always aimed to break the most classic codes of traditional jewelry. Claiming a strong identity, the brand has always stood out, offering extremely modern jewelry, and moving against the grain of the jewelry fashion of the time. The flagship piece, the Menottes jewel, quickly became a must-have thanks to its great originality: its clasp, acting as a central motif. At the time, it was customary to hide the clasp, to make it as invisible as possible, and Mr Dinh Van did the opposite by proposing an ingenious system based on two key heads that fit into each other, thus becoming almost inseparable. Since then, the Menottes line illustrates the bond of love and attachment between two people, and marked a real turning point in the destiny of the founder, whose brand has since become a real success and the internationally renowned Maison that we know today.