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dinh van Serrure jewelry

dinh van Serrure

dinh van Serrure

The dinh van Serrure collection: the key to elegance!

Imagined in the 1970s, the Serrure bracelet has conquered the hearts and wrists of women. Once again through this modern design, Jean Dinh Van has demonstrated her originality and ability to break the codes of traditional jewelry. Originally a simple, streamlined band in 750-thousandths gold, with a clasp topped by a diamond, Serrure is now available in many variations of bracelets, from thick to thin, paved with diamonds or simply adorned with a discreet small brilliant! The key concept, like the Menottes dinh van collection, is to highlight a generally invisible element: the clasp. Here again, at the center of the jewel, the clasp takes on an atypical Serrure shape and is highlighted by the most popular of all precious stones...