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LEPAGE bracelets

LEPAGE bracelets

LEPAGE bracelets

Lepage bracelets, light jewels that will enchant you

Shaped in 18k gold (750 gold) and designed in our workshops, before being set with the most beautiful stones directly in our workshops, Lepage bracelets are high quality precious jewels. All our precious stones and diamonds are carefully selected so that only the most beautiful are chosen. Every week, our gemologists go to the famous diamond exchange in Antwerp, where they carefully select the gems that will be used to set Lepage creations. Each diamond is chosen for its beauty and quality, according to very precise criteria, called the 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat. All of our stones weighing more than 0.5 carat are supplied with an HRD or GIA certificate, attesting to their authenticity, quality and traceability. For a birthday, a birth, to celebrate good news or simply to say "I love you" on Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, offering a bracelet is always a good idea. A bracelet is a piece of skin jewellery that is worn every day and that moves and lives at the same rhythm as you do, catching the light with the slightest of your movements. It is without doubt this little extra soul that makes all the difference... Bangle, bracelet on chain, set with diamonds, precious stones or ornamental stones: find a wide choice of bracelets among Lepage creations!