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Yellow gold rings

Yellow gold rings


Octo ring in yellow gold and onyx

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Colette - Lepage Octo - Lepage
Jewel material
Gold 750 th
Yellow gold rings

Yellow gold ring, a must-have in the jewelry box

Looking for a radiant piece of jewelry, giving off a sunny aura? Fall for a yellow gold ring! Discover a beautiful selection of 18k yellow gold (750 thousandth yellow gold) rings, signed Lepage and the greatest luxury Maisons: Messika, Dior, dinh van, Boucheron, So Shocking...

Yellow gold, what is it?

Just like rose gold and white gold used by jewelry Maisons, yellow gold is an alloy of several metals. It is called "18k gold (750 gold)" because it is actually composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% other precious metals, which serve to give it a specific color, and strength. Indeed, pure gold is too soft and malleable to be used as such, so it is combined with silver, copper or palladium to be worked and give life to jewels that will not deform when worn. At Lepage, we use recycled gold to make our jewelry, in order to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible. Some of this gold is bought back directly from our customers, before being melted down for reuse. We thus give a second life to your old jewelry, while preserving the planet's resources.

Which yellow gold ring to choose?

For an unforgettable marriage proposal, to please on an anniversary or simply to say "I love you", the yellow gold ring seems ideal! Yes, but which one to choose? Whether you're looking for a traditional solitaire ring, a ring with a blue sapphire, or an iconic ring signed by one of the most beautiful jewelry Maisons, you'll certainly find your choice on our e-shop! Need help to make your decision? Don't hesitate to contact us by email, by phone, or to come and meet us directly in store, our sales advisors will be delighted to help you make your decision!