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LEPAGE medals

Lepage medals


Colette medal in rose gold

Brand Collection
Colette - Lepage
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Lepage medals

Lepage presents its collection of medals, including the emblematic Colette and Chromatiques, to be worn on a Lepage diamond chain. Available in different diameters, our medals can be worn every day, and are perfect baptismal or communion gifts! To offer or to offer yourself, in smooth or pearled version, all gold, adorned with diamonds, in tiger's eye or white mother-of-pearl: you will certainly find what you are looking for among the wide choice we offer!

The medal, an invaluable symbol of love

The medal has always been a jewellery staple. This iconic piece of the jewellery box is a gift of choice to offer at a christening, a communion but also a perfect gift for the loved one! Worn close to the heart, the medal contains a very strong sentimental value and is worn against the skin on a daily basis... This is why all our Colette medals can be personalised with the engraving of your choice... Because the Lepage medal is also the guardian of your precious memories.

Our collections of Lepage medals


Colette is a love story, a dream, a delicacy to be enjoyed... Colette is the jewel of all women. This iconic collection has been designed and thought out in our workshops and all Colette medals have their own style and story! Colette tells the most beautiful of stories: yours. A first name, a letter, a desire, the Colette seizes precious moments and preserves them preciously. From dawn to dusk, the Colette accompanies you and delivers its gentle aura. Whether you are a mother, a young woman, a young girl or a child, the Colette is an essential piece of jewellery for everyone, without exception. Pearl moon, Love or Colette gold tower, the Colette adapts to meet all desires.

Les Chromatiques

The medal has always been a jewellery staple. This iconic piece of the jewellery box is revisited in a more modern, more feminine but above all more colourful version: the Chromatiques. This contemporary jewel can be worn on any silhouette, alone or in combination! Lapis lazuli, onyx, malachite, pink mother-of-pearl, tiger's eye, white mother-of-pearl... Shades blend with gold to shape creations from which you can't take your eyes off!


The round medal is and will always remain an essential piece of jewellery... But the medal can take on other magnificent shapes as shown by our Octo collection signed by Lepage. The octagon is revealed in a new way through yellow gold, onyx, white mother-of-pearl and diamonds. Like a fresh wind blowing through Colette, the long necklaces, necklaces, rings and hoop earrings invite you to discover this assertive shape and sign of infinity.

Lepage chains

To radiate and accompany you in every moment of life, the Lepage medal slips onto a 18k gold (750 gold) chain of unique brilliance. Available in various lengths, thicknesses and gold colours, our chains are designed to enhance your neckline. All our models have a diamond finish that catches the light at every moment.