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LEPAGE Colette Les Chromatiques jewelry

Les Chromatiques collection

Les Chromatiques collection

"Colette, the iconic collection of Maison Lepage, presents its new products: Chromatiques! In 18k gold (750 thousandth gold), these precious jewels are decorated with the most beautiful stones to offer you unique creations. Malachite, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx... Let yourself be seduced and dare the associations of colors, for a simply magnificent result!

The Chromatiques: deliciously colorful Colette!

White mother-of-pearl or pink mother-of-pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli, stem eye or onyx, the Chromatiques dare the color for the greatest pleasure of the female gender. These sweet creations in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold are adorned with pretty ornamental stones that bring life to any outfit. The Chromatiques are versions of the Colette Lune and Lune Perlée with natural stones. Each creation is unique because of the singularity of the stone that dresses it!

Beautiful ornamental stones

The ornamental stones chosen to embellish our Colettes all have special appeal... Onyx has a deep, intense black color that makes it a highly prized stone. This mysterious hard stone goes particularly well with rose gold! Malachite has a strong symbolism... But above all, fascinating shades of green that will fascinate you! Mother of pearl is a natural stone that can present different color variations and is full of softness. Lapis lazuli will satisfy women who are looking for a stone with a strong and assertive color. Finally, tiger's eye will seduce you with its soft and warm colors that make it an absolutely fascinating stone!

Colette: an already iconic line of medals

There is no longer any need to introduce our iconic medal collection. Colette tells the most beautiful story... Namely yours! This precious jewel is close to the heart to accompany you in every moment of life. Carrying a memory but also an engraving, the Colette can be stamped with a date, a word, initials... This Lepage creation will soon seem indispensable! The Colettes are multiplying to allow all women to find the one... or the ones that fit them! Available in different diameters and materials, the Colette evolves with the desires of modern women. But the Colette also comes in shiny and delicate bracelets.

Our Colette Chains

In order for your Colette to swing in the most beautiful way around your neck, a radiant chain is essential. Our Colette Chains feature a unique diamond finish. The links of the chain roll over the skin and catch every ray of light to make you shine. Our chains are available in different lengths but in different link circumferences in order to best suit your desires and so that you can customize your composition as you wish!"