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LEPAGE Colette jewelry

LEPAGE Colette jewelry


Colette medal in rose gold

Brand Collection
Colette - Lepage
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
LEPAGE Colette jewelry

Colette, the iconic medals

Colette tells the most beautiful story: yours. Much more than a piece of jewelry, in this soft and warm creation, there is also a bit of you. Stamped with a first name, with a word that is dear to you, it is the witness of your precious moments, which it impregnates day after day. From dawn to dusk, it accompanies you and captures your beautiful and fleeting emotions. Precious, they are an essential part of traditional jewelry, revisited in an elegant and modern version. Available in many variations of diameters and materials (18k yellow, rose or white gold (750 gold), adorned with ornamental stones, white or pink mother-of-pearl, diamonds...), our medals are designed to be worn alone or in accumulation. There are also bracelets in this line of jewelry, using the designs and motifs of the different medal models. You are bound to find a Colette to your liking among this collection!

Best-seller: the Colette Lune Perlée in yellow gold and white mother-of-pearl

An icon of the Colette collection, the Lune Perlée model in 750 yellow gold and white mother-of-pearl is our best-selling medal. Available in 15mm, 18mm or 20mm diameter, it sees its outline decorated with a very nice pearl finish. The yellow gold delicately encircles the mother-of-pearl pellet and emphasizes the softness of its iridescent shades. The light shimmers on its surface, revealing its brilliance and the rainbow colors that the mother-of-pearl offers us, depending on the angle from which we look at it. As mother-of-pearl is a natural organic stone, each medal has different hues and variations. A jewel of skin, the Colette Lune Perlée can be engraved with the message of your choice, to be personalized. Worn close to the heart, it is elaborated daily, like a talisman that accompanies you on all occasions.

Colette Diamantée: the most precious of all

Set with a myriad of sparkling diamonds, this Colette is unquestionably the most precious in the collection. Proud of our heritage and our five-generation diamond know-how, we felt it was essential to offer a diamond medal. This dazzling medal is available in yellow and white gold. Available in two diameters, it features a surround of sparkling gems, and slipped to a delicate Lepage diamond chain it will only shine more beautifully!

The Chromatiques, Colettes like no other

After imagining many all-gold medals, adorned with diamonds, mother-of-pearl or black onyx, we wanted to develop colored jewelry, adorned with ornamental stones. Thus were born the Chromatiques, versions of the Colette Lune and Lune Perlée declined in malachite, lapis lazuli and oeil-de-tigre. Being unique, the natural stones that adorn these jewels give life to creations that are all different from one another. Thought to be combined with each other, the Chromatiques also exist in the form of bracelets, so you can compose your own associations!

The Colette Cents Ans: an exclusive and limited edition

On the occasion of its centenary, the Maison Lepage has unveiled a new version of the Colette medal. Taking up the strong elements of our history, this jewel is a treasure of ingenuity! You will find hidden in it many symbols, such as the apple, a reference to the Norman origins of the Lepage family, or the representation of emblematic buildings of the three cities where the Lepage boutiques are located: Lille, Rouen and Le Havre. Be sure to check out our blog post to learn more about the history of this jewel, available in limited edition only!

Lepage chains to accompany your Colette medals

In order for you to create the necklace of your dreams, Colettes medals are sold independently of the chains. You will be able to choose a chain of the length and fineness you want! Please note that we advise you to choose a chain that is about the same weight as your pendant, to be sure that it does not break. Lepage's chains have a diamond finish, which gives them an unparalleled shine. Rolling delicately on the skin, the jaseron links are slightly beveled, capturing the light before sending it back even more beautifully, revealing a magnificent shine!

Customize your Colette with an engraving

To make your medal unique, we offer to engrave it with the message of your choice, free of charge. A first name, a date, initials or a message rich in meaning for you: thanks to our engraving tool you can preview the rendering and thus offer a personalized jewel! As a birth gift for the mother or as a baptism jewel for the baby: each event is a good opportunity to offer a Colette medal!