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LEPAGE Colette Octo jewelry

LEPAGE Colette Octo jewelry


Octo ring in yellow gold and onyx

Brand Collection
Colette - Lepage Octo - Lepage
Jewel material
Gold 750 th
LEPAGE Colette Octo jewelry

It has that little something that other shapes don't have... A sign of infinity, the octagon expresses unlimited creativity, eternal rebirth! Like a breath of fresh air and renewal, the Octo line is at the heart of the Colette collection. White mother-of-pearl, onyx and diamonds are revealed in turn alongside yellow gold to create jewels designed to sublimate the modern, forward-looking woman!

A confusing angle

Octo... Why this collection name? The octagon is indeed at the heart of this sleek line highlighting a shape with fascinating angles. Octo jewelry is contemporary and creative and can be worn every day, to let all the femininity and sensuality of the modern woman express. But Octo is not only based on this charming graphic shape. Yellow gold, ornamental stones and diamonds are at the heart of the compositions. The assemblies are minimalist and refined and intoxicate us...

The octagon, a shape like no other

The expression of Lepage's creativity is revealed in an octagonal shape, a line composed of 10 pieces mixing yellow gold, white mother-of-pearl, onyx and diamonds. A sacred geometric figure for centuries, the octagon has always held a special place in art and architecture. Neither square nor round, the octagon has that little something that is confusing and daring. This also explains why the octagon is the sign of infinity, the one that has no limits... Like a wind of renewal rising in the air, this line of character comes quite naturally to the heart of the Colette collection to meet the desires and expectations of modern women, in search of authentic jewelry!

Precious materials

Graphic rings, necklaces, long necklaces, creoles... The jewelry accumulates and sometimes delivers us the softness of white mother-of-pearl, sometimes the depth of onyx, sometimes the sunny glow of bare gold... It is quite naturally and without counting on our love for diamonds that we also wished to decline versions enriched with these precious gems, revealing even more the brilliance of the jewelry.

The Colette collection

Octo is added to a collection dear to our hearts: Colette. Here, the round medal has been transformed to give way to an original octagonal shape and symbol of infinity but still addresses the woman of today and tomorrow. Once again, Colette accompanies you to tell the most beautiful story: yours. Find all Colette creations on our eshop !