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Colette chains

Colette chains

Choose from our diamond-finished chains to support your favorite pendant! Available in various lengths, thicknesses and gold colors, our chains are designed to enhance your cleavage. Thin and delicate, they will roll across your skin as you move, catching the shimmering light for a beautiful, shiny finish.

Our 45 cm Colette chains

Our 45 cm Colette chains in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold can be worn alone or adorned or with a pretty pendant. Because of its finesse and delicacy, it goes wonderfully with our small Colette medals or our hard stone tokens. Subtly slipped around your neck, this chain will subtly illuminate your face. Links are available in 2.5 or 3 mm circumference.

60 and 80 cm Colette Chains

Our chains also fit and come in 60 and 80 cm versions to support all your favorite pendants. Very shiny, our chains with oval diamond jaseron mesh will dazzle you by capturing every beam of light. Yellow gold or pink gold, you can choose or fall for both!

The Colette Collection

Our chains integrate the Colette collection, a line of delicate and elegant medals that accompany women on a daily basis... Colette tells the most beautiful story: yours. All gold, diamond or ornamental stone version, each Colette is unique and can be engraved. First name, date of birth or initials, let yourself be seduced by this poetic and touching personalized jewel.