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LEPAGE Les Estivales jewelry

Les Estivales Collection

Les Estivales Collection

"Color is stronger than language": this is the quote that could best describe the aura emanating from this collection, composed of iconic Lepage jewelry declined in very limited editions! Les Estivales gives pride of place to colored sapphires and aquamarines, stones with peachy, acidic hues, through precious pieces that stand out as a true ode to femininity and the thousands of shades that nature offers...

Les Estivales, an original capsule collection

Centered around a strong concept, Les Estivales reinterprets the most emblematic Lepage jewels from each collection, in a never-before-seen version in colored sapphires. The blue sapphire is well known to the general public, but did you know that there are yellow, orange, pink and even green sapphires? Indeed, these colors are found in their natural state, and are determined by the chemical elements in the composition of these gems, belonging to the corundum family. All the stones in this collection have unique hues, and have been chosen one by one for their beauty, purity, and high quality. As with all natural gemstones, the hue of a color can vary from one stone to another, depending on the percentage of different chemical elements in its composition. Thus, for a green sapphire, you will have hundreds of possible shades of green, ranging from almost blue to very light and almost translucent green, through bright green and intense green. The same is true for yellow sapphire, which can range from pale yellow to almost orange, and pink sapphire, which can be either a light pink or a very deep pink. The rarest and most precious of all these stones are the so-called Padparadscha sapphires, which come in salmon, pink-orange and orange-pink. The creations in the Les Estivales collection are all unique, depending on the stones they are set with! For this reason, you will find only a few models in this line of jewelry which is a capsule collection presenting unique models ...