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Gold engagement rings

Gold engagement rings

Gold engagement rings

The engagement ring: a jewel of emotion

A true promise of commitment and love, the engagement ring is a precious and unique piece of jewelry that carries many feelings. The engagement ring can take the form of a traditional solitaire or display a more creative design, but regardless of how it looks, it means many things... As a proposal ring, it symbolizes the bond between you and your significant other, illustrating to the world your lifelong commitment and promise of love and respect for each other. Highly symbolic, it is one of the most important pieces of Jewelry in a lifetime, whether you give it or receive it. With over 100 years of experience and Jewelry expertise, Lepage presents a wide selection of engagement rings fashioned in 18k gold (750 gold), adorned with superior quality gemstones, creations of our Maison or the greatest names in Jewelry.

Why choose a gold engagement ring?

The jeweler's material of choice, gold is a safe bet. Choosing a gold engagement ring or solitaire means making the choice of excellence. All the engagement rings offered on our online store are made of 18 k gold (750 thousandths gold), the most beautiful quality of gold that is possible to find. Did you know that? Gold is immutable and can be used over and over again! In fact, it can be melted down and used again. At Lepage, we use recycled gold to make our jewelry, in order to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible.

18k gold (750 gold), what is it?

The gold used in jewelry is called «750 thousandths» (which corresponds to 18k gold) because this metal is an alloy composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% other precious metals, which are used to give it a specific color, and strength. Indeed, pure gold as it is found in its natural state is too malleable to be used as such. It is therefore associated with silver, copper or palladium for example to be worked, and give life to jewels that will resist time without deforming.

18k white gold (750 white gold)

White gold, before being treated, is also called «grey gold». Indeed, it is the last step of preparation of the jewel that will give it its beautiful bright color! This last step, rhodium plating, consists of depositing a very thin layer of rhodium (an extremely rare and precious metal) on the entire jewel, so as to cover it. This operation must be repeated regularly, every two or three years, so that your jewel never loses its beauty and remains as radiant as on the first day! White gold is perfectly suited to an engagement ring, as it will bring out the purity and brilliance of the diamond it supports without overshadowing it, and will match every outfit. Timeless, a white gold engagement ring will accompany you on a daily basis, and prevents any lapse in taste.

18k yellow gold (750 yellow gold)

With its sunny aura, yellow gold has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry, accessories, decorative and ceremonial objects. A true reference, yellow gold is generally what the simple mention of the material "gold" evokes in us. Highly resistant to corrosion, stainless and unalterable, a piece of yellow gold Jewelry naturally reveals its beautiful golden color when it is simply polished, without additional treatment. It will thus retain its beautiful hue over time, without developing a patina. Yellow gold for an engagement ring will give life to a warm jewel, which will please all those who like sunny pieces. Radiant on your hand, the yellow gold engagement ring will never lose its gorgeousness!

18k rose gold (750 rose gold)

To obtain rose gold, the alloy that composes it is endowed with a larger share of copper. It is from this metal that the soft roseish hues known to rose gold come. From one Maison to another, the shade of rose can vary from very weak to more pronounced, depending on the amount of copper in the alloy. Each brand therefore offers rose gold Jewelry in slightly different colors! Less cold than white gold, and less classic than yellow gold, rose gold is a good compromise if you are looking for a modern yet precious engagement ring. A rose gold solitaire will be perfect if you want to stand out a bit from the more classic engagement ring designs, and will appeal to all romantic women...

How do you know that a piece of jewelry is made of 18k gold (750 gold)?

In order to know the quality of the gold that your wedding ring is made of, you can check the hallmarks that have been struck on the piece. The first type of punch is the punch known as guarantee, or title. The Eagle head hallmark guarantees the titling of 18k gold (750 gold), while the hallmark representing a scallop identifies 585 thousandths gold Jewelry (which formerly corresponded to the denomination "14k"), and the trefoil-shaped hallmark concerns 375 thousandths gold Jewelry (formerly "9k"). These official authentication hallmarks are accompanied by the master hallmark, which is that of the jeweler who made the piece, attesting to the provenance and quality of the jewelry.

The different types of gold engagement rings

To give the love of your life the ring that will match her, it is important to know the different options available to you.

The gold solitaire, a classic

In its most traditional and timeless version, the engagement ring takes the form of a gold solitaire, and is adorned with a round diamond, also known as a "brilliant cut." Mounted alone on the setting, hence the name of the jewel, the gem bursts out all its brilliance, and shines with a thousand fires. Easy to wear, The classic Solitaire will please those who are looking for a discreet creation. In a slightly more daring version, the diamond is replaced by a colored stone, such as a sapphire, an emerald or a ruby... All choices are possible!

The paved gold solitaire, a dazzling jewel

The paved solitaire reveals all its beauty thanks to the small gems that come to accompany the central stone. The body of the gold solitaire can be covered with diamonds in a half or full circle, but also in one or more rows. The paved solitaire can adopt different styles, rather bohemian and poetic, charming and daring or vintage and adorable...

The shouldered gold solitaire, a ring with volume

The shouldered solitaire features a central stone, diamond or colored stone, encircled by two other gems. The composition is balanced and harmonious, all in discretion. These retro-looking gold engagement rings remind us of the elegance of yesteryear, and will appeal to women who want a precious ring with some volume.

The encircled gold solitaire, a glittering piece

The encircled solitaire is an engagement ring with unique brilliance... The center stone has its brilliance enhanced by the bevy of small stones that come to surround it. This surrounding offers an effect of volume and a presence of the most remarkable! On its 18k gold (750 gold) ring, the gem is sublimated and attracts all eyes.

The creative gold engagement ring

All in all, any ring can act as an engagement ring, the most important thing is the intention with which you offer it! If you want to offer your partner a model out of the ordinary, then you can turn to a gold ring adorned with a colored stone for example, or even an iconic model from one of the greatest collections of the Jewelry Maisons, like the Oui ring signed Dior, or even the famous Move Uno ring by Messika!

What gemstone for a gold engagement ring?

A gold and diamond engagement ring: traditional and timeless

For a marriage proposal, giving a ring adorned with diamonds is a strong act. Eternal, the diamond resists time. Timeless and inescapable, it is a sure value if you want to enchant the person to whom you intend this jewel! For thousands of years, diamond rings have been a symbol of love, and are offered as a promise, as a proof of the link that unites you and the attachment that binds you to a person dear to your heart. Associated with 18k gold (750 gold), the stone is highlighted, and the resulting jewel is most brilliant. Whether you are looking for a classic model, a contemporary design or a real piece of Jewelry, diamond engagement rings can take many forms. Whether you are looking for a traditional or exceptional model, entirely paved with diamonds or adorned with a single central stone like a solitaire, in white, yellow or rose gold: let yourself be seduced by the many models offered in our selection.

Lepage’s Diamond

Precious among the precious, the diamond is the rarest natural stone. Formed from carbon in extreme geological conditions over thousands or even millions of years, the diamond is a wonder of nature that can only come into being under certain very specific conditions. Not very brilliant in its rough form, the gem reveals all its brilliance once cut according to specific proportions, which gives it its shape: round, or "brilliant", the most classic cut, oval, pear, marquise, princess, cushion... There are many ways to highlight the purity and beauty of the stone. Depending on its color, ranging from D (extra white) to Z (yellowish), its purity (depending on the impurities, the natural "inclusions" trapped in the stone that are created during its formation), its carat weight and its cut (the shape given to it), the value of a diamond can be multiplied. At Lepage, we only use diamonds of D to F color (i.e. of a very beautiful whiteness), of minimum SI quality (Small Inclusion, very small imperfections, visible with a x10 magnifying glass). Every week, our expert gemologists go to the famous Antwerp diamond exchange to select the stones that will be set in our Jewelry. Each gem is selected with the greatest care, one by one, for its brilliance, color, size and weight. For all stones above 0.5 carat, an HRD or GIA certificate attesting to its characteristics and origin is provided with the jewel, to ensure optimal traceability.

A colored stone engagement ring: to express your personality

Fancy some color? Choose an engagement ring set with a sapphire, ruby, emerald or a fine stone like an aquamarine! Depending on the lady's taste, an engagement ring set with a non-diamond gemstone could be just fine.


Belonging to the corundum family, just like ruby, sapphire is a gemstone that comes in e many colors. Primarily known in its blue sapphire form, there are actually rose, orange, yellow, green, purple sapphires, and even a unique hue that is called padparadscha, oscillating between rose and orange. A symbol of fidelity, and elevation, the blue sapphire is often associated with celestial purity and protection. Giving an engagement ring adorned with a sapphire is therefore a very beautiful proof of love and commitment!


With its mesmerizing green color, emerald has been one of the most coveted gemstones for thousands of years. A member of the beryl family, emerald is a gemstone that has natural asperities, called inclusions, or emerald gardens. These inclusions, forming a light white veil, are elements that contribute to the uniqueness of each stone, and make them unique! Symbolically, the emerald is the stone of love, wisdom and rebirth. Giving a ring set with such a gemstone allows you to convey strong feelings, and prove your attachment to someone dear to your heart...


Like sapphire, ruby belongs to the corundum family. Ranging from almost rose to the intense red known as pigeon's blood, the rarest color that can exist for a ruby, this gemstone offers a magnificent rendering when set in a ring. Pairing equally well with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, ruby expresses passion and unconditional love.

Stone cut: an important parameter in choosing your gold engagement ring

The cut of the stone, that is, the shape it has, plays a big role in the aesthetics and look of an engagement ring. Vintage inspiration with a pear or navette cut center stone, classic with a round or oval cut diamond, daring with a ring set with a cushion or princess cut stone: everything is possible! The different Lepage collections each offer you a particular atmosphere, so that you can easily choose the jewels that best match your expectations.

Lepage's know-how at your service and made-to-measure creation

Diamond merchant and jeweller since 1922, the passion for Jewelry is an integral part of our DNA. Proud to accompany you in all the most important moments of your life, birth, marriage proposal, baptism, communion, birthday, celebration of big news... our sales advisors are at your disposal to guide you in your choice of engagement ring, and help you find the jewels you need. Don't hesitate to come and meet us in our boutique to benefit from a personalized assistance, or contact us directly by email or phone! If despite the richness of the different models of wedding rings proposed in this selection you do not find your happiness, know that we propose a personalized service of creation of jewel on request. For that, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be pleased to accompany you to create THE ring of your dreams.