Women’s engagement rings

Women’s engagement rings

Women’s engagement rings

Women's engagement ring, a jewel with a strong emotional charge

Since ever the engagement ring is synonymous with love. A solemn witness to the sacred union binding you to your significant other, it forever freezes the precious moments spent at their side. Offered at the time of a marriage proposal, the engagement ring embodies the will to spend one's life close to the loved one and the promise of respect and fidelity which accompanies it. A true sign of commitment, it is a ring that must be chosen with care! Lepage offers you to discover a wide selection of engagement rings adorned with diamonds or precious and fine stones, in classic, shouldered, paved or banded versions, signed by the Lepage Maison as well as the most beautiful luxury brands.

The diamond engagement ring

In its most traditional and timeless version, the engagement ring takes the form of a solitaire, and is adorned with a round diamond, also called a "brilliant cut". Mounted alone on the setting, hence the name of the jewel, the gem bursts out all its brilliance and shines with a thousand lights. At Lepage, we use natural diamonds of a very high quality (minimum F Si), and 18k gold (750 gold) exclusively. For all stones above 0.5 carat, a certificate listing all the characteristics of the diamond is provided with the jewel, to ensure optimal traceability and to certify its authenticity the stone.

The pave, shouldered or banded engagement ring

If you want to stand out from the more classic version of the engagement ring, consider looking into engagement rings with a banded center stone!

The pave engagement ring

With its body covered entirely or halfway with a garland of small, sparkling diamonds, the pave engagement ring has a beautiful sparkle. Sparkling, the gems offer a beautiful play of light, and glow with your every movement. The stone at the heart of the jewel is enhanced by the richness of the pavement, for a result that will appeal to all those who love the simplicity of the solitaire, but are looking for a piece that is a little more sophisticated!

The shouldered engagement ring

Here, the gemstone in the center of the engagement ring is encircled on both sides by one or more small diamonds, which delicately add a touch of sparkle to the jewelry, without overdoing it. The result is a precious and refined ring, on which the central diamond seems more voluminous. The shouldered solitaire is made for women who appreciate feminine pieces with an elegant look...

The encircled engagement ring

In its encircled version, the solitaire presents a richly worked look. Here, the diamond is accompanied on its circumference by a bevy of small gems, which visually increase its size. The body of the ring can also be paved, either entirely or in half-turn, to add an extra touch of brilliance to the creation. The pave engagement ring is a precious piece of jewelry, which is worn with panache!

The gemstone engagement ring

In the mood for color? Choose an engagement ring set with a sapphire, ruby, emerald or a fine stone like a aquamarine! Depending on your taste, an engagement ring set with a non-diamond gemstone could be just right. Maison Lepage is committed to offering a variety of creations, so that everyone can find a ring to fit their finger. We have therefore decided to offer all our most emblematic models in colored stone versions. Find your happiness among these jewels that are out of the ordinary!


Belonging to the corundum family, just like ruby, sapphire is a precious stone that comes in e many colors. Primarily known in its blue sapphire form, there are actually rose, orange, yellow, green, purple sapphires, and even a unique hue that is called padparadscha, oscillating between rose and orange. A symbol of fidelity, and elevation, the blue sapphire is often associated with celestial purity and protection. Giving an engagement ring adorned with a sapphire is therefore a very beautiful proof of love and commitment!


With its mesmerizing green color, emerald has been one of the most coveted gemstones for thousands of years. A member of the beryl family, emerald is a gemstone that has natural asperities, called inclusions, or emerald gardens. These inclusions, forming a light white veil, are elements that contribute to the uniqueness of each stone, and make them unique! Symbolically, the emerald is the stone of love, wisdom and rebirth. Giving a ring set with such a gemstone allows you to convey strong feelings, and prove your attachment to someone dear to your heart...


Like sapphire, ruby belongs to the corundum family. Ranging from almost rose to the intense red known as pigeon's blood, the rarest color that can exist for a ruby, this gemstone offers a magnificent rendering when set in a ring. Pairing equally well with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, ruby expresses passion and unconditional love.

The stone cut

Vintage inspired with a pear or navette cut center stone, classic with a round or oval cut diamond, bold with a ring set with a cushion or princess cut stone: anything is possible! The different Lepage collections each offer you a particular atmosphere, so that you can easily choose the jewels that best match your expectations.

The choice of the gold color

Besides the stone, the gold that will shape the engagement ring you will offer to your bride is of great importance! As far as this metal is concerned, all Lepage creations are made of 18k gold (750 gold), which is the finest quality of gold that can be found. It is called «750 thousandths» (which corresponds to 18k gold) because it is actually composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other precious metals, which give it a specific color and solidity. Indeed, pure gold is too soft and too malleable to be used as such, it is therefore associated with silver, copper or palladium to be worked and give life to jewels that will not deform when worn. In order to limit our ecological footprint as much as possible, we use recycled gold to make our jewelry. Some of this gold is bought back directly from our customers, before being melted down for reuse. We thus give a second life to your old jewelry, while preserving the planet's resources.

White gold

White gold, before being processed, is also called «grey gold». Indeed, it is the last step of preparation of the jewel that will give it its beautiful bright color! This last step, rhodium plating, consists of depositing a very thin layer of rhodium (an extremely rare and precious metal) on the entire jewel, so as to cover it. This operation must be repeated regularly, every two or three years, so that your jewel never loses its beauty and remains as radiant as on the first day! A white gold solitaire will be a timeless, timeless piece of jewelry that will be easy to wear no matter what the occasion.

Yellow gold

With its sunny aura, yellow gold has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry, especially wedding and engagement rings. Radiant, it magnificently highlights the stone that comes to adorn it, whether it is a brilliant diamond or an intensely colored gemstone.

Rose gold

To obtain 750 thousandths rose gold, the alloy that makes it up has a larger share of copper. It is from this metal that the soft roseish hues that rose gold is known for come from. From one Maison to another, the shade of rose can vary from very weak to more pronounced, depending on the amount of copper in the alloy. Each brand therefore offers rose gold Jewelry in slightly different colors! Less cold than white gold, and less classic than yellow gold, rose gold is a good compromise if you are looking for a modern and precious solitaire. Today, rose gold is one of the most used metals in Jewelry, and is more and more popular with jewellers. In order to know the quality of the gold in which your jewel is made, you can check the hallmarks that have been struck on the piece. The first type of hallmark is the hallmark of guarantee, or title. The hallmark with the head of Eagle guarantees a titling of gold 750 thousandths (18k gold), while the hallmark representing a shell Saint Jacques identifies the jewels in gold 585 thousandths (14k gold), and the hallmark in the shape of trefoil relates to the jewels in gold 375 thousandths (9k gold). These official authentication hallmarks are accompanied by the master hallmark, which is that of the jeweler who made the piece, attesting to the provenance and quality of the jewelry.

Personalized assistance and custom creations

Need help making your choice? Don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone, our sales consultants will be delighted to guide you, and help you find THE piece you need! You should also know that we offer a creation service on demand. You have a piece of Jewelry of which you wish to recover the stones in order to give them a second youth? You have a very precise image in mind of the kind of diamond ring you would like, or you would like to have a ring made especially for you? In this case, you can make an appointment in a Lepage store to discuss your project with a professional who will accompany you throughout the process! Finally, if you want to learn more about the women's engagement ring and all the features that go with it, you can consult our detailed guide.