Lepage baptismal medals

Lepage baptismal medals


Colette medal in rose gold

Brand Collection
Colette - Lepage
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Lepage baptismal medals

Lepage christening medals: simplicity and elegance

Piece of skin jewelry, the christening medal is usually imbued with great symbolism. Celebrating the child's entry into a community, whether religious or not, baptism is an important event. Lepage offers you to discover a nice section of precious medals, made of 18k gold (750 gold), to offer to a child during his baptism. With their pearled or gold-rimmed finish, these pendants are very precious and will last for years without losing their beauty. Shining in the light, the gold displays a sunny aura that radiates, giving life to a timeless jewel. To be slipped onto a diamond Lepage chain, which offers unparalleled brilliance thanks to the bevelled links that make it up, the medal will only be enhanced.

Customize your medal with an engraving

In order to offer a unique piece of jewelry, Lepage offers you the engraving of your choice on your baptismal medal (even on the mother-of-pearl models). A word, a first name, a date, initials... Choose the message with which you wish to personalize the jewel, our master jewelers will take care of the engraving in our workshops. You will thus make a custom-made gift, that the child will wear close to his heart every day, as a mark of the indefectible link uniting you to each other...