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Baptismal pendants

Baptismal pendants

Baptismal pendants

The christening pendant: a must-have jewel

Medal with a religious motif, secular or without a motif, Christian cross, Miraculous medal, cloud or cushion shaped pendant... Discover a wide selection of pendants to offer for a baptism! In order to personalise your jewel, engraving is offered: first name, initials, date, sweet word... Write a message rich in meaning to you, which will accompany the wearer of the pendant all his life! The first piece of jewellery, the christening pendant is a must! Worn close to the heart, it bears witness to a child's entry into a community, whether it is a religious or republican christening. Generally offered by the godfather or godmother, the christening medal or pendant illustrates the indefectible link that unites you, proof of your love, your attachment, and the protection that you will bring to the child throughout his or her life, guiding him or her to help him or her develop. Let yourself be charmed and make your choice among the beautiful jewels of this selection!