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Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings

Looking for the perfect engagement ring? Find your dream diamond solitaire ring. Lepage offers a wide range of 750k gold engagement rings. Choose from our high quality diamonds and handcrafted jewelry. You can be sure to find the gorgeous diamond engagement ring that will meet your desires!

Diamond, the king of gems

Diamond engagement rings have that ""something"" that others don't... Diamond is one of the four stones that are called ""precious"". Thus, the precious stones are the diamond, the sapphire, the ruby and the emerald. The value of this exceptional gem is determined according to different criteria: the 4Cs. These 4C's stand for Clarity (the purity of the stone, i.e. the number of ""impurities"" that are inside and appear at the time of its formation, which are called ""inclusions""), Color (its color, ranging from D extra white to Z, a dark color close to brown), Carat (the dimensions and weight of the stone) and Cut (the way it was cut). The diamond and its strong emotional charge makes the stone an exceptional stone, deploying all the more its beauty when it adorns the solitaire!

Lepage Diamond Engagement Rings

Expert in jewelry for over 100 years, Maison Lepage offers its 18k gold (750/1000 gold) jewelry and its most beautiful engagement rings. Our engagement rings will charm you with their quality and the beauty of the precious stones that adorn them. Know that the diamonds which come to decorate our creations are chosen one by one and that our stones are of the most beautiful possible quality, of a color F at least, and of a purity SI (Small Inclusion). Evidence, Idylle, Cupid, Mondaine or Garçonne, it's up to you to find the rare pearl to offer to the one who will share your life among our precious Lepage collections!

Diamond engagement rings from the biggest Brands

Looking for a diamond engagement ring signed Messika or Les Poinçonneurs? Find all our selection of solitaires on our site. Adorned with a single diamond or paved, in rose, yellow or rose gold, the engagement ring of your dreams is on Lepage eshop.