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Gemstones engagement rings

Gemstones engagement rings

Gemstones engagement rings

Why choose a gemstone engagement ring

The engagement ring is a highly symbolic piece of jewelry, which should be chosen with care. Generally, it is the gentleman who chooses the ring, in order to offer it to his partner during a marriage proposal. The variety of models being very vast, it is normal to wonder about the choice of the jewel! If you are looking for a timeless and traditional engagement ring, the gold solitaire with a diamond is your best bet. However, if you know that Madam would like a piece of Jewelry that is out of the ordinary, and sticks a little more to her personality, you can go for a less classic design like a colored gemstone engagement ring!

What gemstone for an engagement ring ?

In the classification of gems, there are only four gemstones: diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. All other stones are fine, ornamental or organic stones, which may sometimes, by misuse of language, be called ""precious stone"", when in fact they belong to the category of stones that were formerly called ""semi-precious"". Colored gemstones, such as sapphire, ruby and emerald, are a great choice if you are looking for an engagement ring with a gem that stands out from the diamond. Each of these three stones, apart from the fact that they each offer very specific color shades and characteristics, are also associated with various symbolism, stemming from myths and legends coming from different and ancient cultures.

A sapphire engagement ring

A beautiful sapphire can be recognized mainly by its intense and deep blue color, without inclusions. In addition, if you are looking for a less common stone, you should also know that there are sapphires in many other colors: yellow, rose, orange, purple... Often associated with celestial purity, the sapphire represents loyalty and fidelity, so giving an engagement ring adorned with such a stone is of great symbolism, and sends a strong message to the loved one...

A ruby engagement ring

A beautiful deep red ruby, has embodied love and passion for hundreds of years. Pairing beautifully with white, yellow or rose gold, it is a sure bet to declare your feelings! Very romantic set in rose gold, contrasting with strength in white gold or imbued with classic charm in yellow gold, the ruby is a gemstone with character that will appeal to those who love bright colors.

An emerald engagement ring

Known for their mesmerizing green color, emeralds are very rare gemstones that pair beautifully with yellow gold. The inclusions of the emerald, called ""garden"", form a light white cloud inside the gem and give them all their particularity, a bit like a birthmark. They make it possible to check if the stone was treated or not, and consequently if it is well natural and what is its real value. Many shades of green exist for emeralds, depending on the area from which they originate and the way they were naturally formed. Known and adored since ancient times, it is a stone with a captivating aura that will set an engagement ring with panache!

Personalized guidance and custom creations

If you're looking to learn more about how to best choose the engagement ring of one's dreams, feel free to check out our jeweler's guide, which will answer many questions you may have about choosing the gold, the shape of the stone, or even the type of solitaire! Our sales advisors are also available to help you in your research, by email, phone or directly in the Lepage store. You can contact us to explain your project, and benefit from a personalized assistance to help you make your decision. Moreover, if despite the richness of the different models of gemstones engagement rings proposed in this selection you do not find your happiness, know that we propose a personalized service of creation of jewel on request. For that, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be pleased to accompany you to create THE ring of your dreams.