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Lepage jewelry Alba Collection

Lepage jewelry Alba Collection

Lepage jewelry Alba Collection

Lepage presents its new jewelry collection, all-gold pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of light.

Alba was conceived as an ode to the day that dawns, to the dawn that precedes the night, to the softness of the morning sunbeams that gently awaken the world, day after day, in an infinite circle...All roundness, full of voluptuousness and volumes, Alba plays with shapes to let the light run over the surface of the jewelry, sometimes meeting the void and sometimes the gold, revealing all its brilliance.

Surprising and modern, this collection is made up of nine all-gold creations, with two powerful pieces at its heart that will leave a lasting impression: the Luna triple-ring, and the earcuff of the same name. Symbolizing the meeting of day and night, the climax of dawn when two worlds coexist for a few minutes, Luna jewelry is inspired by this suspended moment in time.

Available now in boutiques and on our website, Alba is waiting for you!"