Ginette NY Ever jewelry

Ginette NY Ever

Ginette NY Ever

The Ever Ginette NY collection features delicate jewelry in 18k gold (750 gold)combined with fine stones in soft colors. A concentrate of elegance that adds a touch of sparkle to the silhouette and subtly enhances an outfit. Discover the Ginette N jewelry collection on our eshop.

A colorful collection

EVER charms from the first glance... A declination of natural stones and original and graphic shapes emerges alongside rose gold. Ginette NY plays with colors and associations. To be worn alone or in accumulation, the Ever jewel is powerful and unpretentious... For a colorful life!

18k rose gold (750/1000 rose gold)

For all its creations, the Maison Ginette NY works with 18k rose gold (750/1000 rose gold). This gold is a precious alloy of pure gold, copper and silver. How is rose gold made? It is simply the quantity of copper in the alloy that allows to give a more or less pronounced tint to the pink. Thus, there are many different shades of rose gold. Ginette NY works with a very soft rose gold which allows to create magnificent associations with colored stones.