Ginette NY Gingko jewelry

Ginette NY Gingko

Ginette NY Gingko

Gingko, the sacred tree of the East, has always been a symbol of longevity and love... Powerful, delicate and feminine at the same time, the Gingko leaf adorns the Ginette NY collection of the same name. The sunny glow of rose gold can be admired in all-gold versions or combined with the purity of diamonds, these pieces are presented as jewels of character, which will satisfy modern women, in search of sophisticated creations!

The Gingko collection by Ginette NY

The Gingko leaf, a sacred tree from the East, is revealed through sumptuous creations signed Frédérique Dessemond. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings by Ginette NY borrow in turn this symbol with many virtues, sublimated by 18k gold (750/1000 gold). Lepage invites you to discover the Ginette NY Gingko jewelry collection.