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Ginette NY Purity Gold jewelry

Ginette NY Purity Gold


Mini Purity necklace in rose gold

Brand Collection
Minis on Chain - Ginette NY Purity - Ginette NY
Jewel material
Rose Gold 750 th
Ginette NY Purity Gold

With the Purity Gold collection, we find the aesthetic codes specific to the Maison Ginette NY. Precious gold lines wind endlessly to reinvent themselves in an arabesque of undulating beauty. Our eshop invites you to discover the Purity Gold Ginette NY jewelry collection... Jewelry you won't want to miss!

Purity, a floral and balanced line

The Purity By Ginette NY collection is inspired by flowers but also by the infinity sign. The 18k gold (750 gold) reveals all the beauty of these precious jewels with a particularly careful aestheticism. Against the skin, the jewels shine and deliver all their brilliance. Find the collection on our eshop.