Messika My Twin jewelry

Messika My Twin

Messika My Twin

Duality is at the heart of the Messika My Twin collection. With My Twin, Messika dares to confront two diamond cuts. A lovely pas de deux between a casual pear cut and a cheeky emerald cut. Each of these diamonds challenges the other in a harmonious movement to reveal its brilliance. Messika My Twin creations are contemporary and iconoclastic, made for those who love to impress with elegance. Our online store invites you to discover all Messika My Twin jewelry.

A flagship collection from the Maison Messika

My Twin diamond jewelry plays on the daring marriage of two diamond cuts. The pear cut and the emerald cut complement each other and reveal their brilliance. Sparkling with a thousand lights, these original jewels are for modern women but also for the eternal romantics at heart. Succumb to the singular aestheticism and creativity of the Messika Jewelry Maison!