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Les Ephemères collection

Les Ephemères collection

Les Ephemères collection

Mounted on a ring or delicately suspended from a fine 18k gold (750 gold) chain, the triangle is the cornerstone of our Ephémère collection and is accompanied by sparkling diamonds. Both modern and glamorous, the Éphémère jewelry accompanies your silhouette on a daily basis, sprinkling it with a touch of summer freshness. A capsule collection composed of 12 unique pieces that honor the fine stone. Lepage.fr invites you to discover our Éphémère capsule collection.

Jewelry with triangular stones

Unusual size, the troidia is a triangle shape with curved sides. The latter is particularly appreciated for its impeccable proportions that allow the stone to release all its light. All Les Ephémères creations are adorned with stones cut in this particular and original shape that allows a perfect refraction of light. The diamonds accentuate the splendor of these elegant jewels.

Carefully selected stones

Each Ephémère creation is adorned with the most delicate fine stone. Selected with the utmost care, our stones all have their own characteristics. Fall for our Ephémère collection, unique feminine and decidedly sensual pieces!

Santa Maria Aquamarine

At Lepage, all of our aquamarines are Santa Maria. They take their name from the eponymous region which is located in Brazil. These stones are of great beauty but also of great rarity. Its deep, intense azure color captures every ray of light. Fresh and elegant, it is a highly coveted stone.

Pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a highly sought-after stone, also known as Rubellite, which adorns this necklace has managed to enchant our gemologists. These shades of pink will leave you speechless. Tourmaline is said to have the ability to act on the emotions, and heal the ills of the mind."

Violet Garnet

Garnet is a stone coveted by gemologists. It should be noted that garnet is a stone that comes in a variety of colors, from orange through orange and even green. The purple garnet can be admired with fascination on Lepage jewelry.

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